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200                                    FLORA   INDICA.

of the province, is elevated 5500 feet, the lake of Naini-tal
6500, of Bhim-tal 4000. Binsar, a mountain of the interior
region and a well known botanical station, is^elevated, we
believe, about 7500.

•For farther particulars we must refer ta Captain E. Stra-
ehey*s account of the provinces of Kumaon and Garhwal in the
Journal of the .Geographical Society of London (May, 1851) .

The vegetation of Kumaon appears to afford rather a rapid
•transition from the humidity of Nipal to the drier provinces
tether west. Its flora, according to Strache/s and .Winter-
bottom's excellent collections, includes ftdly two thousand
flowering plants, — a much larger number than are to be found
in an equal area anywhere to the westward, though consider-
ably fewer than to the eastward.

Amongst the natural orders we* have examined in detail,
the following species find their eastern limit in Kumaon, so
far as is at present known : —

Thalictrum faimftor-wi.    m             Corydalis &ovaniana.

Qtygr&pbis polypetala.                          „     jlabellata.

Eanunculus hirtellus.                    Pyrus "baccata.

Trollius acaulis.                            Eubus saxatilis.
Acjiiilegia vulgaris.                        Potentilla alpe$tri$.
Delphinium denttdqtim.                  Q-etim wrbwum,
,?        wcanum.                     Spiraea sorbifoUa.
„        rantwcutifoUim.          Daphne oleoides.
„        JSjasthmirianvm.,           Celtis eriocwrpa. .
Aconitiun Zycoctomm.                   Corylus Qolwrna.
,,        Iteteroptyllim.                Quercus Im&ta*
Proonia qfficmalis.                          Cedrus Deodara.
Papaver dulium.                           Cupressus torulosa.
Meconopsis aculeate*.                     Juniperus communis.
Of Eastern Himalayan plants which have not hitherto
been traced to the westward of Kumaon there are : —
Clematis greuri&flora.                  Thalictrum elegans.
„      acuminata.